Maintaining your septic system

Tips For Maintaining Your Septic System

Septic systems are one of the most important but overlooked parts of a property. Though most people have them, a lot don’t even know where their septic system is located. Because of this ignorance, many don’t bother to go about maintaining their septic system.

This neglect can cause problems that can require expensive repairs. In order to fix such an outcome, it’s best to keep it from ever happening. Listed below are some tips for maintaining your septic system that will keep it healthy and working.

Inspect your Septic System Regularly

Something you should routinely do when it comes to maintaining your septic system is inspecting it. If you do encounter problems it’s best to catch them early on so you can avoid bigger issues down the line. 

Get in touch with an on-site system maintainer to inspect your system at the frequency it needs. Different types of systems need to be routinely checked on at different increments of time. However, a good rule of thumb is to check your system annually.

Lead Water Away From Your Drainfield

The drain field is an important part of the septic system as it directs the water from the tank into the sewer lines. As such it is important to keep your drain field clear as a flooded one leads to a mess that can cause accidents along with heavy objects above such as cars or buildings causing further cracking to the pipes. Because of this, it’s imperative that when maintaining your septic system you lead extra water from the roof or land away from the drain field. 

Keep Your Lids Securely Closed

You may have seen a lid visible out in your yard or by your house. This is the septic tank’s access cover which serves two purposes. 

  1. To keep sewage from overflowing.
  2. To keep people from falling into the tank.

If not tightly secured things such as small animals or children could fall in making it a massive safety hazard. Check every now and then to make sure the lid is not cracked or deteriorated and if it is then take action to fix it so you can avoid any and all accidents that could happen. 

Pump Your Septic Tank As Needed

Pumping your septic tank regularly is one of the best ways to ensure the system’s longevity. Over time solids and sludge can go from just floating on the top of the tank to resting on the bottom causing much bigger issues in the future. It’s recommended that you pump the tank every 1-3 years depending on how often you use it and whether it is a 1 tank system or a 2 tank system. Doing this often will keep the space free and improves its overall performance making it an important step to maintaining your septic system.

How Can Norway Septic Help?

Norway Septic Inc. is a service-oriented company dedicated to providing excellent septic tank cleaning and septic tank pumping services to homeowners and business owners in the Michiana area. We take pride in doing the job that others leave behind. If you need a new effluent filter or if you would like to schedule a septic tank cleaning by one of our professionals, call us today.


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who should you call for septic issues?

Norway Septic Inc. is a service oriented company dedicated to providing excellent septic tank cleaning and septic tank pumping services to homeowners and business owners in the Michiana area.  We take pride in doing the job that others leave behind. ” Our motto stands, “they pump, we clean!”

Call us if you suspect that there are problems with your septic system or if you need septic replacement parts like septic filters. With over 40 years of experience, we know septic systems and can handle just about any septic emergency.

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