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How to Safely Dispose of a Septic Tank

Have you found yourself needing to dispose of a septic tank? Perhaps you plan to connect your plumbing to the municipal system. You may be the new owner of a property with an old, unused septic tank that needs to be disposed of. Whatever the case, it is important to safely dispose of the old septic tank to prevent damages to property, injuries, or fatalities.

Why is it important to safely remove a septic tank?

  1. An abandoned septic tank can become hazardous to people and animals who are around it. Though septic tanks built today are typically documented, older septic tanks may not be. So, if you are the new owner of an older property, contact a professional to find tanks that may have been left on the property. 
  2. As the material of the septic tank ages, it begins to deteriorate and becomes a place for a potential cave-in. This material is usually steel or concrete.
  3. The contents of the tank can be toxic, and therefore hazardous as well. 
  4. Curious children could find a cover that is improperly closed and fall into the septic tank. 
  5. Properly disposing of an old septic tank will be a selling point for people who may later consider buying the property.

Permits or Inspections

Before you begin the removal process, be sure to check with your local authorities about any permits or inspections you may need. They may also have specific requirements about disposing of your tank, or what material is used to replace the tank. Because septic tanks are underground and “out of sight, out of mind,”  some localities document their locations for future reference.

Disposing of your septic tank

Before the actual removal of your septic tank, you will need to have it pumped of its contents. Call your professional septic tank company to safely dispose of the contents of the septic tank. Remember, septic tank waste is dangerous, so you should not attempt to remove it yourself. 

After the tank is pumped, it will need to be removed in such a way that it does not leave a cavernous hole that could collapse. Disposal location is determined by the material of the tank, and the intended purpose of the ground above the tank. If the land will be used for any sort of construction, the septic tank should be removed completely.

Steel tanks are usually crushed down and the hole filled with a substance such as dirt or gravel. Concrete tanks are broken up so that any water that gets into the tank can drain. The tanks are then filled with dirt and gravel. It is important to make sure that the hole is filled completely. Ensure there are no air pockets left underneath the surface where the ground could sink. Air pockets can cause cave-ins which cause injury or damage to those on top of it.  

If you find yourself needing to dispose of a septic tank, contact a professional company that will be able to walk you through the process. Correct disposal of your septic tank will protect you and others on your property.

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